What We Offer

Ultimate Investment Hub formerly known as Ultimate Consult is a local base agency which is well known for its institutional trading history. We used to trade on behalf of institutions for an agreed profit rations. UIH have a solid team made up of experts of traders, investment consultants and prof. Admins. We believe it now time to extend our services to the public and those who wants to create their own wealth and stability.

Management will like to assure all members on this platform that if they have been disappointed by some agencies before, Ultimate is here to make a difference and restore unto members what they have wasted. Members here are also assured of longevity, accuracy and quality services.

Between 30% And 50% Growth In 15 Days

Every amount invested generates 30% or 50% (depending on the amount invested) growth in 15 days. This growth will be paid as soon as your investment matures and you request a withdrawal.

Admins Pay Members Directly

We do not employ any matching mechanism - automatic, manual or otherwise. All Investment come to admins and as such when your investment matures, the admins will pay you directly when you request a withdrawal.

Referral Bonus

To reward those who help us grow, participants are given 5% bonus anytime their downlink makes an investment. This is to ensure the groth and sustainability of the community.

Our Packages


30%Investment Growth

  • Minimum: GH¢200
  • Maximum: GH¢5000
  • GH¢200 - GH¢5000
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50%Investment Growth

  • Minimum: GH¢5100
  • Maximum: GH¢10000
  • GH¢5100 - GH¢10000
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Our expert of professionals traders analyse the market trends for best results

Quick Responds

Our support team are always available at all times to provide solution to all your needs and complaints. You can send us email, text, chat and call at anytime


We pay both the capital and your profit at the end of the stipulated maturity date in the terms


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