Ultimate Investment Hub


Register An Account

Register an account - initial account activation fee is GH¢50. The money is to be paid to 055 793 9345 - Affordable Ventures. After payment, a screenshot of payment should be uploaded as part of the registration. Without the proof of payment(screenshot), your registration would not be approved by admins. Every member would also have to re-activate his/her account every month - GH¢50 for Gold and GH¢70 for Platinum.


Access Your Dashboard

Login with your username/email address and password to access your dashboard after your account has been activated. You will be notified when your account is activated.



Click the "Invest" button to invest an amount.


Watch Your Money Grow

The system works on a 15 day cycle. You cannot withdraw in less than 15 days counting from the day you invested. Your money starts growing from that very day. You will see your money growing on your dashboard with each passing day. This is to ensure transparency.


15 Day Cycle

After investing, you cannot withdraw until after the 15 days are over - by which time you are eligible to withdraw your initial investment amount plus between 30% and 50% (depanding on your much you invested).



Click the "Withdraw" button to notify the admins you wish to withdraw a matured investment. Alternatively you could click the "Re-invest" button to invest the matured investment - a rollover to gain greater returns.